Saturday, February 14, 2009

Signs: Lost in Translation

Some of the strange and terrible signs encountered on travels.
Immature and unsophisticated entertainment? Yes.
But entertaining nonetheless.

The UP button on elevators in Copenhagen:

The horrific fate that awaits those that bring garbage cans into elevators:

The word in the final panel of this comic is Swedish for "End", or "Finished", or "Closed". However, oftentimes it ends up being an ironic punchline:
For example, when your treadmill finishes its pre-programmed 20 minute run at the gym, it will then proceed to display what looks like a very insulting and judgmental message.

A giant banner found in Oslo, Norway. Nothing further to comment on...:

A menu in Goteborg. Note that under Kyckling (chicken), you can get the Vom... which is in the Barf:

I don't actually have any idea what this is. But the picture that goes along with the logo confuses further:

Finally, a clothing store/brand in Stockholm. Most t-shirts in store have the name plastered across the fronts. Very flattering:

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